About Us

We are Dutch sisters who have lived in the US for over 30 years. Four years ago, we founded Uniek Living, with the purpose of offering a selection of uniquely Dutch home goods + accessories. We have been very fortunate that many in the US share our passion for well-crafted products from the Netherlands.

Although we have had great success with many of our brands, 2 in particular have taken off and we decided to create dedicated websites to them.

Earlier this year we launched Stalwart Crafts, a luxury leather apron company that has taken the UK and Europe by storm and is rapidly creating its own following in the US.

Miffy (aka Nijntje), the friendly bunny with the beady black eyes, is the other that has grown so much it deserves its own website. The fictional bunny was the brainchild of Dutch children’s illustrator and writer, Dick Bruna and appeals to children. She is both uncomplicated and innocent.

What started with a few options has expanded to many vibrant colors, designs and textures. And we are now also offering some of Miffy’s adorable friends: Snuffy, Lion, Elephant + Bruno!

Our soft and cuddly collection of  Miffy + Friends is created for kids but loved by all.

- Micki + Elsbeth Rowaan


Contact us at:  info@unieklving.com

Uniek Living LLC (dba Miffy and Friends)

129 Ostrom Road

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